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Announcing the launch of SEARCH for Arts Leadership

A new podcast series by James Abruzzo and Svenja Kluckow

How do we identify great arts leaders? By the arts organizations they shape and influence.

A member of MMIAM’s International Advisory Committee, James Abruzzo, who is Global Head of DHR International’s Global Nonprofit Practice and the founder and President of Abruzzo Associates, and his long-time friend and colleague in the field, corporate and arts communication consultant, Svenja Kluckow, have created and produced a podcast series on a subject they are both passionate about: arts leadership.

The nine-episode series describes and defines arts leadership and identifies the six characteristics of a great arts organization using the acronym S.E.A.R.C.H. from the SEARCH for Arts Leadership model: Sustainability, Ethics, Access, Relevance, Creativity, and Humanity.

The model was developed by James as the result of a long career helping arts organizations and their leaders from around the world meet their full potential and his vast experience with leadership capacity building. Throughout his career, James has spoken with, recruited and consulted to many of the world’s great arts leaders, and the lessons he has drawn from those conversations formed the basis for the model. Excerpts from many of those conversations can be heard in the podcast.

The SEARCH for Arts Leadership is an expansive dialogue between James and Svenja that gets to the core of leadership in the arts. More than ever, we rely on arts organizations to contribute value to society – to impact, inspire, and challenge us – to make a difference in the world. Only the truly great arts leader can create such an organization, something that our communities and broader society need – something worth SEARCHing for.

To listen to the SEARCH for Arts Leadership, click here: