The MMIAM Journey

A blog about the Master of Management
in International Arts Management program

“Watching a kid experience the magic of Disney is lightning in a bottle.”

A MMIAM Journey interview with Hayley Pickess

Hayley Pickess graduated from the MMIAM program in 2020 and is based in Toronto, Canada. In December, Hayley became a Talent Casting Coordinator for Disney Live Entertainment. She and Brittany discussed what it’s like to work for the arts in a corporate role. Are you an artist? How did you become interested in the arts? …

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“If it feels messy now, just hang in there a little bit longer. It’s going to make sense!”

A MMIAM Journey Interview with Megan Heber

Megan Heber is a former full-time musician, an arts management professor at SMU, and a nonprofit leader. In March, she was awarded SMU’s HOPE Professor of the Year for graduate students. In May, she will officially begin her role as co-director of the MMIAM program. Get to know Megan through her conversation with MMIAM Journey …

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A Glimpse into Academic Research

The Cultural Brand

Brands are usually defined in terms of the following five characteristics: perceived quality: the different markets and market segments can get a sense of the quality of a brand even if they have never used or consumed that brand; name awareness: the larger the percentage of the population that is able to name a brand …

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Gender Pay Gap in the Early-Stage Careers of Canadian Creative Workers (Abridged)

The gender wage gap, as well as the treatment of sex differences, are widely documented and discussed in the overall labour market. However, less is known about this issue in cultural and creative markets, whose employment conditions differ from those in other labour markets. In the cultural economics literature, the topic of the gender pay …

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