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Towards an Integrative Framework for Arts Governance (Abridged)

Globally, governments have been calling on arts organizations to review governance, ensuring that it is a central mechanism in the sector (e.g., Nugent 1999, 2016; Paulus and Lejeune 2013) to aid sustainability, especially if arts organizations are to receive ongoing public funding (Paulus and Lejeune 2013). At the same time, there has been growing recognition …

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Karen Zadra in front of a painting by Aboriginal artist Eileen Stevens

“I Want to Spark a Fire in People”

An Interview with Karen Zadra, Director of Galerie Zadra

Karen Zadra is the owner and director of Galerie Zadra, which specializes in contemporary fine art by American, European, and Australian Aboriginal artists. She is also a member of the MMIAM International Advisory Committee. In this interview, Karen and I chat about Australian Aboriginal people and art. To learn more about Aboriginal art and culture, …

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Laura Adlers' Headshot

We must never forget the silence we have experienced

Two years without live performances around the world - A MMIAM Journey interview with Laura Adlers

Laura Adlers is a culture manager and producer with extensive experience working in the private, not-for-profit and public sectors in Canada, the United States and internationally. She has been the Executive Director of The Elora Singers and Festival since March 2020. In addition to her work as a culture manager and producer, she is also a …

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Inside and Outside the Boardroom

Collaborative Practices in the Performing Arts Sector (Abridged)

Arts organizations all over the world today find themselves operating in a climate of change and uncertainty, compelling them to act more strategically, reinvent their governance structure and restructure their business model (Fanelli et al. 2020; Reid and Turbide 2012). The numerous initiatives for improving performance around the world have, however, resulted in very different …

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