The MMIAM Journey

A blog about the Master of Management
in International Arts Management program

Working Abroad and the Art of Tomorrow, Today:

An Interview with Yumi Palleschi

Yumi is from Terni, Italy and is a former concert pianist with a bachelors from Fryderyck Chopin University of Music in Warsaw and a masters in piano performance from SMU in Dallas. She graduated with the most recent cohort (6th) of MMIAM in July 2019. She is currently the Administrative Director at Joe Jack et …

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The Paradoxes of “Teaming” in the Creative Events Industry: The Case of Balich Worldwide Shows (Abridged)

Balich Worldwide Shows (BWS) is an Italy-based firm that operates globally in the entertainment production market, creating, designing and producing live events such as Olympic ceremonies, permanent and touring shows and exclusive events. Projects on this scale require complex teams that are large, diverse, highly specialized and virtual. The authors analyze the BWS case from …

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All the World’s a Stage and It’s Changing:

An Interview with Patrick Bergé of Scéno Plus

Patrick Bergé is the Co-founder and Chairman of the Board of Scéno Plus, a Montréal-based architecture firm that specializes in designing theaters. Some of their venues include the Colosseum at Caesar’s Palace, the famous La Nouba theater at Walt Disney World Orlando and over 200 other projects around the world. Their newest project is a …

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New Connections, New Ideas:

An interview with Michelle Dalma

Michelle Dalma graduated in 2017 with MMIAM 4. She has a background in Cultural Management after studying it at university and working for a few semesters in the cultural industry before beginning the MMIAM program. After MMIAM, she felt more prepared to tackle the challenges of an international arts manager. She is currently the Sponsorship …

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