The MMIAM Journey

A blog about the Master of Management
in International Arts Management program

Kicking Open Doors to Let Artists Through

A MMIAM Journey interview with Ann-Christine Racette

Ann-Christine is the founder of SapienterA, a Brussels-based nonprofit arts consultancy that advocates for equity in the arts. Ann-Christine holds a bachelor’s degree in design and metalsmithing from Loyola University Chicago; a certificate in Marketing, Communications, and Nonprofit Management from Northwestern University, Chicago; and a master’s in International Arts Management from Southern Methodist University and …

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“I’ve always been a passionate advocate for the social roles of museums”

A MMIAM Journey Interview with Anne Eschapasse

Anne Eschapasse is President and Chief Executive Officer of Montréal’s McCord Stewart Museum. She has more than 20 years of international experience leading museums and cross-disciplinary teams in developing and delivering high-profile initiatives and programs at renowned museums, chiefly in France and Canada. She has an impressive track record, having served as Deputy Director of …

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A Glimpse into Academic Research

Relationals versus Transactionals

Did you know that one of the possible ways of segmenting the performing arts or museum markets is to consider the behavior of their customers? In large cities with an abundance of cultural offerings, the consumers have so many options that they can’t see everything. And just as their preferences vary, so do the ways …

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Lady Gaga fans feel a certain psychological ownership of the star

Psychological Ownership (Abridged)

Psychological ownership is the feeling that a target, or a part of that target, is “mine.” It is distinct from legal ownership and can occur regardless of whether the target is, or even can be, legally owned. For example, while many individuals feel a psychological attachment to “my house” that goes beyond their legal title …

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