Southern Methodist University


Big on Arts

The arts hub in Dallas is not surprisingly the Dallas Arts District. Here you will find the Dallas Symphony Orchestra, the Dallas Opera, the Nasher Sculpture Center, the Dallas Museum of Art, the Dallas Black Dance Theatre, the Dallas Theatre Center, the Crow Collection of Asian Art and the AT&T Performing Arts Center. The Dallas Arts District is the largest arts district in the United States.

In addition to the Arts District, Dallas has many theater and dance companies, galleries, chamber music groups, jazz bands and nightclubs. The Meadows School of the Arts itself presents over 400 arts events each year.

Living in Dallas

Southern Methodist University (SMU) offers on-campus housing in Dallas (not included in the tuition fee).

We estimate that housing in Dallas will cost approximately US$5,000 (including utilities).

We estimate that food and transportation (bus pass) in Dallas will cost approximately US$2,000 (40%).

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Campus location

Southern Methodist University
Meadows School of the Arts
6101 Bishop, Dallas, TX, 75205 USA

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HEC Montréal


Avant-Garde Spirit

Montreal is a dynamic university city that attracts top talent from around the world. Second in North America for the number of students per capita, it offers a stimulating environment for study and research. It is also a vibrant metropolis, known worldwide for its tremendous variety of cultural activities, including the world-famous Cirque du Soleil and the Montréal International Jazz Festival, which draws huge audiences from around the world.

The province also owes its reputation as a cultural hub to its film co-productions with French-speaking countries, the quality of its theater for children and young people, choreographers such as Marie Chouinard, dance companies such as Les Grands Ballets Canadiens, the creativity of its video game producers, its prominent conductors, its world-class museums and its vocalists. Whether you are from Quebec or abroad, as a MMIAM student you will have the opportunity to explore a multitude of diverse and interesting business models.

Living in Montréal

HEC Montréal offers help in finding housing in Montréal not included in tuition fees).

We estimate that housing in Montréal will cost approximately US$3,000.

We estimate that food and transportation (bus pass) in Montréal will cost approximately US$1,200 (40%).

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Campus location

HEC Montréal
3000 chemin de la Côte-Sainte-Catherine
Montréal, Quebec H3T 2A7 Canada

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Universidad de los Andes School of Management


The Colorful Heart of the Andes

Bogotá is the political and financial center of Colombia and the sixth largest city in Latin America, with nearly 8 million inhabitants. Bogotá is currently considered one of the best cities for doing business in Latin America. Bogotá has also gained recent recognition for its improvements and achievements in terms of public management. One of the most indisputable advancements is in the area of cultural development programs, such as the outstanding network of libraries, BibloRed.

The city is diverse and multicultural, with a mix of modern and colonial architecture. Bogotá is a city filled with colors, the green parks and mountains to the east overlooking the sanctuaries of Monserrate and Guadalupe, contrasting with the rich red of its many brick buildings.

Living in Bogotá

The cost of the hotel for your 10 days, local transportation and entertainment fees in Bogotá are included in your tuition fees.

The average price of food (not included) for one day is US$30.

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Campus location

Universidad de los Andes
Carrera 1 N° 18A 12 Bogotá, Colombia

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SDA Bocconi


The World’s Fashion and Design Capital

Milan is a city in northern Italy, capital of Lombardy, and the second most populous city in Italy after Rome. Milan is an internationally renowned economic center and a city of art.

The city’s architecture is a mix of historical buildings, villas, monuments, modern buildings, churches and abbeys that show a range of styles and striking details.

Milan offers a unique variety of museums: Italian and international art masterpieces from every century fill the Milanese metropolis’s museums, churches and buildings.

Milan is known as a fashion and design capital due largely to several international events and fairs, including Milan Fashion Week and the Milan Furniture Fair, which are currently among the world’s biggest events of this kind in terms of revenue, visitors and growth.

The city hosts numerous cultural institutions that boast some of the most important collections in the world, including major works by Leonardo da Vinci, such as his world-famous Last Supper.

Living in Milan

We estimate that housing in Milan will cost approximately US$3,000.

We estimate that food and transportation (bus pass) in Milan will cost approximately US$1,200 (40%).

The average ticket price for entertainment in Milan is US$16.

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Campus location

SDA Bocconi School of Management
8 Via Bocconi, 20136 Milan, Italy

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*The SDA Bocconi School of Management based in Milan, Italy established a pan-Asian hub to explore India’s arts industry. You will discover the Indian and Italian arts markets during your stays in Mumbai, Delhi and Milan.



No. Each faculty member will remain at their own university. As you travel from school to school, you will have an opportunity to meet new faculty members. This said, you will be accompanied in Colombia, India and China by someone from the program.

You will be free to return home, at your own expense, between the Dallas and Montréal semesters (from mid-December to the beginning of January). However, you will not have time to return home between the Montréal and Milan semesters.

No. The schedule will be tight. You will only have one week mid-term in Montréal in order to finish your final papers for the first courses and prepare for your exams.