The MMIAM Journey

A blog about the Master of Management
in International Arts Management program

“Watching a kid experience the magic of Disney is lightning in a bottle.”

A MMIAM Journey interview with Hayley Pickess

Hayley Pickess graduated from the MMIAM program in 2020 and is based in Toronto, Canada. In December, Hayley became a Talent Casting Coordinator for Disney Live Entertainment. She and Brittany discussed what it’s like to work for the arts in a corporate role. Are you an artist? How did you become interested in the arts? …

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“If it feels messy now, just hang in there a little bit longer. It’s going to make sense!”

A MMIAM Journey Interview with Megan Heber

Megan Heber is a former full-time musician, an arts management professor at SMU, and a nonprofit leader. In March, she was awarded SMU’s HOPE Professor of the Year for graduate students. In May, she will officially begin her role as co-director of the MMIAM program. Get to know Megan through her conversation with MMIAM Journey …

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From Master to Doctor—Continuing Education After the MMIAM

A MMIAM Journey Interview with Chloé Vanasse

Chloé Vanasse is a 2020 graduate of the MMIAM program and is currently in the middle of a PhD at HEC Montréal. She and Brittany spoke about the process of continuing education after the MMIAM program and her motivation to continue studying. Let’s start where I always begin: are you an artist? What drew you …

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“The arts are a huge part of how humans talk to each other globally.”

A MMIAM Journey Interview with Christopher Gruits

Christopher Gruits is the Executive and Artistic Director of Penn Live Arts at the University of Pennsylvania, one of the nation’s premier university-based arts presenters. With over 25 years of national and international experience in the arts and cultural sector, he has a passion for creating and fostering artistic excellence, audience engagement, and community partnerships. …

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