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Consumer Perceptions of Arts Organizations’ Strategies for Responding to Online Reviews (Abridged)

by Jennifer Wiggins, Chanho Song, Dharti Trivedi, Stephen B. Preece   The shift towards Web-based communication has fundamentally changed the role of critical reviews in consumers’ decisions concerning attendance at arts events. In addition to professional critics, amateur critics and audience members are now influencing consumer decision-making (Bronner and de Hoog 2010). Consumers are reading …

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Portrait of a Star: National Gallery of Victoria (Abridged)

by Ruth Rentschler, Kerrie Bridson, and Jody Evans The National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) in Melbourne, Australia, is a “star” art museum whose mission is to illuminate life by collecting and presenting great art. “Star” museums are characterized as providing a total visitor experience as funded entities that make a difference by attracting tourists and …

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The Impact of Service Elements on the Artistic Experience: The Case of Classical Music Concerts (Abridged)

By Antonella Carù, Bernard Cova A trend in the field of marketing is to analyze consumers’ growing preference for being immersed in a thematic setting instead of being offered a finished product.[1] [2] [3] [4] Above and beyond this particular concept, today’s marketing is being driven by a host of new theoretical constructs ranging from …

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Subscribers’ Overall Evaluation of a Multi-experience Cultural Service, Tolerance for Disappointment, and Sustainable Loyalty (Abridged)

by Zakia Obaidalahe, Francis Salerno, François Colbert. Both the core product and the peripheral services can trigger emotions in audience members[i]. Indeed, consumers who experience a positive emotion while attending a concert are likely to recommend the orchestra, while negative emotions tend to produce the opposite effect. The consumer’s satisfaction can be seen in terms …

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