How Much Does It Cost?

Tuition Fees

Tuition fees are US $46,350 and travel fees are US $3,450 for a total of US $49,800 for the year.

Travel fees include:

  • Travel between Dallas and Montréal, Montréal and a city in Asia, and between this Asian city and Milan
  • Return air travel between Montréal and Bogotá plus the hotel and transportation while in Bogotá
  • Hotel and ground transportation in Asia and for the study tour in Italy

Tuition fees DO NOT include:

  • Compulsory insurance on each campus
  • School books and other learning materials
  • Housing
  • Food and meals
  • Travel between your city and SMU Dallas, and between SDA Bocconi, Milan and your city
  • See FAQ here below for the numbers

Payment deadlines (tuition fees and travel costs):

  • Send a deposit check for US $750 with your confirmation letter
  • Before September 15th: first installment equivalent to 34% of tuition+travel minus the deposit
  • Before January 15st: second installment equivalent to 33% of tuition+travel minus the deposit
  • Before May 1st: third installment equivalent to 33% of tuition+travel minus the deposit

Tuition fees are non-refundable. You must pay the required fees by check payable to HEC Montréal or by bank transfer.

How can I get help to pay my tuition?

Financial Assistance

*** The MMIAM is GI Bill approved ***

The program offers a limited number of tuition scholarships to new students who have been reviewed by the admissions committee, who demonstrate the highest level of achievement in their academic and artistic careers and who express a financial need. Therefore, the better your application file (transcripts, experience, motivation, essays, letters of recommendation, test results, etc.) and the more serious your financial need, the greater the chance of receiving a scholarship and the higher the scholarship. These awards are contingent upon formal admission to the universities.

Graduate applicants who wish to apply for tuition scholarships must fill-out Essay #4.

Note that one US $25,000 scholarship will be awarded to a meritorious applicant from Latin America or other developing countries.

Check our list of scholarship opportunities for national and international students. You can browse our three sections: Canada, USA and other countries. Note that the list is a work-in-progress.






You should know that each institution may have fees that are paid directly to that university for things such as transit pass, parking, sports package upgrades, international student fee, transcript and graduation fee.

We estimate to around US $22,750 (+ flights to Dallas and from Milan) the total of the fees that you should add to your tuition fees to cover:

  • Insurances: US $2,200
  • Housing in Dallas: US $4,500 to $5,500 for 4 months + $800 for furniture
  • Housing in Montréal: US $3,200 for 4 months (shared apt)
  • Housing in Milan: US $3,000 for 3 months (shared apt)
  • Food and local transportation in Dallas, Montréal and Milan: US $5,000 (i.e. 40% of housing costs)
  • Food in Colombia, South Korea and United Arab Emirates: US $1,080 (i.e. US $40 x 27 days)
  • Visas: US $1,000
  • Books: US $600
  • Plan a 10% buffer

You are responsible for full payment of the required tuition fees. If your payment is overdue, you cannot be registered in the program. You will not be eligible to receive results, transcripts, an attestation of studies or a diploma. Failure to pay the tuition fees can lead to your exclusion from the program.

No. Room and board are not included, nor are travel costs from your city to Dallas and from Milan to your city. We can direct you to off-campus furnished housing and student residency options. We will help to identify accommodations that keep your costs as low as possible.

This is entirely your decision. It will be possible to rent an affordable apartment so that your spouse can be with you. But remember, you are responsible for housing costs.