Artworks for Sustainability: An International Marketing Perspective

Universidad de los Andes School of Management

Engaged artworks, understood as the integration of sustainable development principles in art management, are used to express societal needs in order to trigger imagination of people and their motivations to recognize cultural values and behavior. The power of “engaged artwork” is the power to shape mindsets of groups of persons by touching upon cultural sensitivities and feelings. Engaged Artworks influence people behavior beyond rational reasoning, beyond scientific, technical and technological developments. UNESCO has set an agenda for Sustainable Development. As UNESCO states, it ensures that the role of culture is recognized through a majority of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), including cultural heritage to cultural and creative industries.

 Themes :

  1. Engaged Artworks as midset: Definition, practices and impact on arts organizations.
  2. Culture and sustainability: Culture as an ecosystem service, SDG framework, culture in sustainability.
  3. Framing sustainable marketing: Evolution of marketing; Emergence of sustainable marketing; Elements of cultural sustainable marketing; engaged arts and social responsibility.
  4. Sustainability practices in the production of artworks, and sustainability in regard to consumers, arts organization as actors in the education of society. UNESCO guidelines.
  5. Case studies in the management and marketing of sustainability.