Master’s Thesis (focused on an arts sector or industry)

SDA Bocconi, Milan, Italy
Between June and August

The purpose of the final thesis is to apply managerial and scientific knowledge acquired during the master and develop skills and competencies to be used in the job search. It could take the form of either a consulting project, a business plan, a research paper or a case history.

For example, the organization of an international tour of a contemporary opera, the creation of a firm that handles international logistics for jazz festivals, the study of regulations in different countries related to the coproduction of a film with multiple partners, the creation of a virtual museum of Indian art that builds on the collections of many museums, or a business plan to have a story narrated across different media — what is called “transmedia storytelling” or “multiplatform narrative.” The analysis must include markets in more than one country. We expect that students’ master’s thesis project will evolve during the program, and possibly change from their initial intention.

Here are some examples of thesis that have been written by students:

  • The Live-Broadcasting in Cinemas and Theatre-On-Demand Models: A Comparative Study by Marie Bobin.
  • The Digital Transformation of Museum Membership Schemes. International Case Study by Frances Craven.
  • Architecture as a Method of Cultural Diplomacy: Design Excellence and the U.S. State Department’s New Strategy for Diplomacy Abroad by Christine Jaworski.
  • The “Going Out Strategy” – Kunqu’s preservation and innovation in the context of global cultural exchanges by Jiatian Wang.
  • From Cannes to Cat Videos: How the Milano Film Festival Sustains Itself Using Digital Strategies by John Wells.