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Musician playing for kids in an aquarium in Portugal

A Glimpse into Academic Research


Did you know that one of the facets of motivation to go to the theater, or rejection of this form of leisure, lies in finding the reasons why a person is interested in this art form or not?

A number of studies have shown that a taste for theater is formed in a person’s youth. In fact, it’s a value that’s associated with the value of education. In families where going to university is valued, so usually is going to the theater or museum or attending a classical music performance. This taste can also be developed by teachers who have a passion for the arts, or the fact of having practised an art when young, or of having been to shows or exhibitions as a child, as long as this experience is positive, of course.

Musician playing for kids in an aquarium in Portugal
Concert for kids at Lisbon’s Oceanarium, Portugal. Eventually, multiplying theatre/museum/concert attendance at a young age will develop a taste for theatre/museums/music. Credits: Jules Vernex, Creative Commons.


François Colbert is MMIAM Codirector, Remi-Marcoux Chair in Arts Management, author of the book Marketing Culture and the Arts published in 15 langages along its five editions.

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