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Welcome to the MMIAM Journey

Innovating for a Future of the Arts

For as long as I can remember I’ve been obsessed with people and the cultures that create the societies we live in. From an early age this translated into an interest in anthropology, language, the arts, and an inter-disciplinary nature in my studies and work. I hope to use this opportunity as the Editor of the MMIAM Journeys to focus on the interdisciplinary nature of arts management and the practical benefits of doing a master’s in international arts management.

Arts management is born from the implementation of business and management strategies in the structure of arts organizations to make them as efficiently run as possible. This modern toolkit of business practices allows the arts to succeed at a higher level and remain competitive in a world filled with a million other forms of entertainment. The MMIAM program is designed to prepare arts managers for this future and I want this Blog to reflect the skills and tactics that are in use by alumni and arts managers around the world.

Therefore, I plan to look at the practical side of getting a degree in International Arts Management. I want to answer the questions “What job opportunities are there for someone with a master’s degree in International Arts Management?”, “What sort of skills will I have when I graduate?”, And “How transferrable will my skills be?”.

To do this, I will interview MMIAM alumni that are working in a variety of jobs and positions as well as professors and arts leaders from the MMIAM program that will give insights into the industry and advice for current and future arts managers.
You can reach me on Instagram @johnxe and find me on LinkedIn!

About Us

Welcome to The MMIAM Journey, a blog about the Master of Management in International Arts Management program. Every month, we share the academic and personal experiences of MMIAM alumni and interview members of our International Advisory Committee and faculty about their projects, research and perspectives. As an added bonus, we publish a summary of a research article or company profile from HEC’s International Journal of Arts Management. We hope you enjoy learning more about our unique program and reading about the challenges and trends we are seeing in the field of arts management around the world today.